Waterland enters into partnership with Hansefit


Waterland Private Equity has acquired a stake in corporate fitness network Hansefit. The company, a B2B platform for fitness services
with its headquarters in Bremen, is the clear market leader in Germany with more than 1,300 corporate customers.

“We are delighted that we will be able to support Hansefit – the market leader in the highgrowth segment of company fitness networks – in expanding and rolling out its high-quality services,” says Dr. Gregor Hengst, Principal of Waterland Private Equity. The growth investor acquired its shares from Stefan Runge, who is leaving the company.

Hansefit founder, co-owner and CEO Jens Pracht, who developed and established the business model in Germany, views Waterland’s involvement as a milestone. “This investment is giving Hansefit the opportunity to continue its dynamic growth, to expand our service portfolio and to propel us into a new development stage.” Hansefit is already today the leading provider in its segment in Germany with more than 1,500 affiliated partners and 1,300 corporate customers who employ a total of 210,000 people.

Together, Waterland and Hansefit want to lift the existing market potential by accelerating expansion and continuing to digitalise Hansefit’s services. Hansefit is in an ideal position to strengthen its market positioning due to its quality leadership and dense partner network on
back of a business model, which is beneficial to everybody involved, providing access to new revenues for affiliated partners, increasing the attractiveness of corporate customers amongst employees and improving employees’ health.

The transaction is pending subject to approval from the German antitrust authority (Bundeskartellamt). The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality about the financial details of the transaction.